Artist Statement
Rhode Island School of Design 2026

Lakewood High School 2022

I am an artist from Cleveland, Ohio, majoring in painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. I have been painting all my life and it has helped me to observe the world around me in a special way. I notice light, color, motion, texture, and fleeting interactions between strangers who share a common space for just a moment in time.

During my time at RISD I have been surrounded by remarkably talented artists from around the world, heightening the expectations I have for myself and inspiring me every single day to be the best artist I can be. I have come to appreciate the unique opportunity I have to attend this school and be constantly surrounded by so many different life experiences and journeys. I look forward to seeing where my own journey takes me.

As an artist, I aim to capture movement, emotion, and life stories. My work focuses on small interactions between strangers and the retelling of the stories I witness.  I am interested in the theme of sonder and I strive to remind myself and others that the people with whom we cross paths each day are living lives just as vivid and complex as our own. Each person’s individual story has value, beauty, and depth. I am fascinated by the simple, yet magical moments when those paths cross.

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